Kill City Cup is presented by the largest & most powerful company in the world, Kill Corp! 

Kill Corp rose to prominence after the Great War of 2035 – a battle over depleted natural resources which saw countries fighting over what little reserves were left. Humanity was on the brink of eliminating themselves when a great visionary, Mr. Kill, came up with a miracle energy source – Green Electricity!

The new electricity was able to be adapted to power everything. Finally the world had a clean renewable and self-sustaining energy. All forms of transportation, factories and electronics were soon running on green. Humanity was saved. Or so we thought.  Once every aspect of society ran on green, Mr. Kill’s evil plan came to fruition. He was able to remotely shut down any green sourced energy he wanted, forcing the population of the world to submit to him, doing his bidding and making him King.

Naturally, people tried to band together to rebel against the King. However, with no sources of power left, the revolts ended as suddenly as they began. Entire nation’s power supplies were shut off until all rebels were eliminated. People turned on each other – their friends, neighbors and even their own families – to appease the King.

The world was helpless. Mr. Kill was as cunning as he was evil. He knew a distracted population was a happy one, so he launched the Kill City Cup as a modern-day gladiator tournament to keep the masses entertained and pacified.