Produced By
Luke Robert

Written By
Paul Glantz
Luke Robert

Additional Story
Rye Mullis
Jon Thornhill
Chris Scoville

Director of Photography
Paul Glantz

Original Score

“Unbeatable Intro”
Composed & Produced By
M. F. Nishendra Fernando

Composed & Produced By
Alex Robles @ Darklex Studios

“Mason X”
Composed & Produced By
Kristian Aguilar

Cast & Crew

Brian Kahrs as Mr. Kill
Rye Mulls as Ringmaster
Gia Love as Queen Gia
Brian Cage as The Machine
Jimmy Jacobs as Hecates Hangman
Natalia Markova as Russian Crush
Leon Scott as Leon of the Wasteland
Jesus Olivares as Bandit of the Wasteland
April Hunter as Bounty of the Wasteland
Sean Little as Mason X
Evens Louis as Bonez, The Voodoo Warrior
Matt Sydal as Neo-Shaman
Conner Murphy as Zip Monk
David Mercury as Dr. Mercury
Thomas Brewer as Faboo
Sebastian Escobar-Gonzalez as Kulu
Gabriel Rosa as Steel Azteca
Henry Alvarez as Maxwell Chicago
Truman Hudson as Namrut
Josh Robinson as Mojo McQueen
Randy Carver Jr. as Voice of Kill City Cup
Joseph Justice as Body Double for Mr. Button

Production Unit Managers
Chris Silvio
Jaclyn Spencer

Lighting Supervisor Holly Whelden
Lighting Provided By Bay Stage Live
Lighting Design Whelden Lighting Designs

Transportation Supervisor
Joe Angelastri

Key Grip
Jack Morrison

Hair & Make Up
Melvin Abraham
Aurora Cruz
Scott Holznagel

Carrie Arsenault Assistant to Mr. Conner
Ernie The Homie Assistant to Mr. Glantz
Rebekah Mercury Assistant to Mr. Mercury

Camera Operators
Victor Quinones
Reko Rivera
Paul Glantz
Jon Thornhill
Luke Robert
Brian Kahrs

Pyrotechnics Operator
Sebastian Escobar-Gonzalez

Joel Bouchard
Everette Payne

Luke Arnold Photography
Reko Rivera Photography

Photography Editing

Visual Effects
Chris Hamilton
Rios Lopez
Maine Macabre

Assistant Editor
Al Snowden

Casting By
Luke Robert
Matt Korklan

Set Design
Bishop Stark
Brian Kahrs
Luke Robert

Bishop Stark
Sean Little
Jaclyn Spencer

Wardrobe Provided By
Cam-Mat Entertainment
Mr. Sparkles 

Additional Materials
Blick Art of Tampa

Shooting Locations
Red Wasp Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida
Sydojo in Clearwater, Florida

Special Thanks
Miss Hunter’s Chicken Babysitter
Molly The Dog
Ron Sexton
Kurt T. Jones
Adam Bohn
Tim Stickleman
Branch of Life Charity